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ArtistryBazaar Hand Woven Jute and Woolen Multicolor Decorative Modern Wall Hanging for Home and Office Décor with large Tassels

UPC: 7696662288
  1. 25 - 200 pieces

    $15.47 /pieces

  2. 200+

    $15.07 /pieces

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  • Length:

    17.685 Inches
  • Width:

    0.01 Inches
  • Height:

    33.405 Inches
  • Weight:

    850 Grams
  • Material:

    Jute, Wool
  • Color:



It is more than just a decoration, it's a modern art statement for the discerning homeowner. Think beyond the sterile canvas and enter a world of texture, depth, and a story woven into every fiber. Imagine the artist's vision coming to life not with a brush on a canvas, but with the meticulous placement of each strand of luxurious wool. It's the perfect finishing touch for any modern space seeking a unique statement piece with a touch of warmth and a nod to craftsmanship. Elevate your space with this modern masterpiece woven with love.

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